Last Fiction Canteen event|

28 January 2022 in the Lettrétage

We are delighted to announce that we have an upcoming in-person event!

On 28 January we will present two to three writers and their works-in-progress.

This time, our guest curator/moderator is Rick Palm, described below in his own words.

Rick Palm writes short stories, poems, and a fictional diary from the POV of a young prince. He has co-organised literature events such as Delyrium at Brotfabrik, Konzept*Feuerpudel, and Dickc.lit at Haus der Statistik, and read at Festivals like Detect Classic Festival or ttt-Festival. Aside from his writing ambitions he produces a podcast dealing with his transition, and is an award-winning illustrator and graphic recorder working with clients of all scales. You can find him on instagram, where he mostly shitposts memes in his stories.

And introducing our writers/performers:

LILA SOVIA (no pronouns or they/them) from Leipzig is a queerfeminist rapper, spoken word artist and author.

IG: @lila.sovia

CHARLIE KAHN is a visual artist and writer based in Berlin.

IG: @charlie.kahn

GORJEOUX MOON (she/her or they them) is a non-binary femme trans feminist poet, writer and transdisciplinary artist living as authentically as possible in Berlin, Germany.

G: @gorjeouxpoetry

Fiction Canteen in the park|

20 August 2020 Am Falkplatz

Fiction Canteen is offering a small antidote to Corona blues: a real-life gathering. Of course we will observe the rules for social gatherings: each household can sit together on its own picnic blanket, and each blanket will be set 1,5 metres apart. Please wear a face mask until you are settled.

Featuring two talented writers, Avrina Prabala-Joslin and Lubi Barre.

Lubi Barre (Photo credit: Nico Scagliarini) 
Avrina Jos




Lubi Barre is a writer of poetry and short stories. She published her story “Goodbye” in the anthology My Old Man in 2016 with Canongate and the German language collection Here and There with Punktum Verlag in August 2020. She co- organises the quarterly reading series AHAB in Hamburg and is a member of the residency Writers Room.

Avrina Prabala-Joslin is a queer south Indian writer living in Berlin. She writes fiction and poetry on the fluidity of things, place, space and time. She has lived in different cities in India, England, Romania, Italy and Germany. Traces of these lives can be seen in her fiction and snippets of poetry. Apart from stringing together a collection of feminist short fiction, she studies feminist media for her PhD. Her short story “The Plumage” was shortlisted for the Berlin Writing Prize 2019.

WHEN: 19.00-20.30 on Thursday 20 August. Please be punctual!
WHERE: 52°32’46.6″N 13°24’18.6″E (Post link in Google maps, we’re at the dropped pin)
ADDRESS: in the park across from Café Meta and Café Bird, Am Falkplatz, in the park.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Schönhauser Alle (10-min walk) or Gesundbrunnen (16-min walk)

Only the first 30 audience members can attend after sending an RSVP to Please understand that we have to take your name, address and phone number at the event for safety purposes.

The themes of the texts are intimate, and will be relayed via an earpiece directly into each audience member’s ear. You can lie back and close your eyes, and listen to the readers’ voices.

Afterwards, we’ll be discussing the texts and fielding feedback from the audience. So bring your own drinks and join us for a unique reading event. Check social media (@FictionCanteen on Twitter, Facebook or @fiction_canteen on Instagram).


Ber/Lon – A Tale of Two Gentrifying Cities | 28 February 2020 in the Lettrétage

We are media partners for the event “Speaking Volumes” ( Multilingual Reading and Performance with Joshua Idehen, Adelaide Ivánova, Johny Pitts and Joanna Legid

Friday 28 February 2020, 8pm, Lettrétage Mehringdamm 61, free admission.

Left to right: Joshua Idehen, Adelaide Ivanova, Johny Pitts, Joanna Legid

Fiction Canteen at the ULF festival| 13-15 September in Nuremberg

As part of the Unabhängige Lesereihen Festival we are holding a Fiction Canteen in Nuremberg . If you are in the area, we are performing on Friday 13 September at 16:00 in Z-Bau.

Featured writers:

Elnathan John

Candice Nembhard

Ben Miller

Hosted by Lucy Jones and Scott Martingell


Fiction Canteen|13 June 2019| ausland

We are closed for submissions! Our featured readers are:

Allia E. Sadeghipour 
Orna Glick
Marlene Melchior 
Leszek Stalewski


Fiction Canteen|24 April 2019| ausland 

Readers: Peter Bakowski, Tessa Scott- Sinclair, Stef Lenk



Fiction Canteen|01 Feb 2019| ausland 

Readers: Jean-Michel Brawand, Megan Voysey, Joesph Vickers


Fiction Canteen|15 Nov 2018| ausland

Readers: Viviane Kay, Nick Pierpan, Dasom Yang, Elia

IMG_0715 (2)

Fiction Canteen|29 Sept 2018| ausland

Readers: William Hillier, Brad Casey, Ben Miller


Fiction Canteen|14 June 2018| ostPost 

Readers: Sam Davies, Dania Duany, Indirani Ashe, Melissa Richer

140618 event banner

Fiction Canteen|19 April 2018| ostPost

Readers: Emily Manthei, Saskia Vogel, Ben Miller, Joseph Vickers

FB Event Cover 190418 2

Fiction Canteen| 22 Feb 2018 | ostPost

Readers: Mary Lilith Fisher, Lizzie Roberts, Cecile Rossant

FC 220218 FB Banner 1


Fiction Canteen30 Nov 2017| ostPost

Readers: Kathleen Heil, Uroš Pajović, Yr Lovely Dead Moon

Fiction Canteen 301117 Banner 2_30_11


Fiction Canteen28 Sept 2017| ostPost

FC East–West 4 border 2

Readers: ‘N’, Esther Heller, Galina Green


Fiction Canteen|25 June 2017 | ausland

Readers: Andrea Scrima, Ben Miller, Charlotte Wuehrer



Fiction Canteen|  19 April 2017| Alte Kantine Wedding

Readers: MC Jabber, Clementine Burnley, Ruth Wishart, Lizzie Roberts

Photos: Anton Lang |

and Lucy Jones |

Graphics: Janica Schäfer | SHIM |