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To keep pace with current times, especially developments surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement, we are officially open again for submissions. We are working on an event in the autumn. Please submit via our usual channels.

Texts should be unpublished. No theme. Prose, non-fiction, essay or verse. Up to fifteen minutes. We’ll talk about any issues you’d like in your text.

Ber/Lon – A Tale of Two Gentrifying Cities | 28 February 2020 in the Lettrétage

We are media partners for the event “Speaking Volumes” ( Multilingual Reading and Performance with Joshua Idehen, Adelaide Ivánova, Johny Pitts and Joanna Legid

Friday 28 February 2020, 8pm, Lettrétage Mehringdamm 61, free admission.

Left to right: Joshua Idehen, Adelaide Ivanova, Johny Pitts, Joanna Legid

Fiction Canteen at the ULF festival| 13-15 September in Nuremberg

As part of the Unabhängige Lesereihen Festival we are holding a Fiction Canteen in Nuremberg . If you are in the area, we are performing on Friday 13 September at 16:00 in Z-Bau.

Featured writers:

Elnathan John

Candice Nembhard

Ben Miller

Hosted by Lucy Jones and Scott Martingell


Fiction Canteen|13 June 2019| ausland

We are closed for submissions! Our featured readers are:

Allia E. Sadeghipour 
Orna Glick
Marlene Melchior 
Leszek Stalewski

Fiction Canteen|24 April 2019| ausland 

Readers: Peter Bakowski, Tessa Scott- Sinclair, Stef Lenk



Fiction Canteen|01 Feb 2019| ausland 

Readers: Jean-Michel Brawand, Megan Voysey, Joesph Vickers


Fiction Canteen|15 Nov 2018| ausland

Readers: Viviane Kay, Nick Pierpan, Dasom Yang, Elia

IMG_0715 (2)

Fiction Canteen|29 Sept 2018| ausland

Readers: William Hillier, Brad Casey, Ben Miller


Fiction Canteen|14 June 2018| ostPost 

Readers: Sam Davies, Dania Duany, Indirani Ashe, Melissa Richer

140618 event banner

Fiction Canteen|19 April 2018| ostPost

Readers: Emily Manthei, Saskia Vogel, Ben Miller, Joseph Vickers

FB Event Cover 190418 2

Fiction Canteen| 22 Feb 2018 | ostPost

Readers: Mary Lilith Fisher, Lizzie Roberts, Cecile Rossant

FC 220218 FB Banner 1

Fiction Canteen30 Nov 2017| ostPost

Readers: Kathleen Heil, Uroš Pajović, Yr Lovely Dead Moon

Fiction Canteen 301117 Banner 2_30_11

Fiction Canteen28 Sept 2017| ostPost

Readers: ‘N’, Esther Heller, Galina Green

FC East–West 4 border 2

Fiction Canteen|25 June 2017 | ausland

Readers: Andrea Scrima, Ben Miller, Charlotte Wuehrer


Fiction Canteen|  19 April 2017| Alte Kantine Wedding

Readers: MC Jabber, Clementine Burnley, Ruth Wishart, Lizzie Roberts

Photos: Anton Lang |

and Lucy Jones |

Graphics: Janica Schäfer | SHIM |