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Fiction Canteen is an event to share ideas about your writing, get feedback, be inspired by others’ work, and to meet people through readings and moderated discussion with the authors and audience. It is a space to grow into the new and to promote voices that may go unheard. Submit your works-in-progress to us or be part of our supportive audience.

We support and include authors who identify as LGBTQ+, as well as writers of colour, and those with different physical abilities. This does not mean that you can only submit texts if you feel addressed by these categories. It just means that we perceive a need to redress an imbalance in the Berlin literary scene. We choose submissions based on the strength of texts and suitability for a given event. The readings are in English but we’ll soon include German.

Lucy Jones and Anton Lang are the curators and hosts. We are proud to announce Sharon Dodua Otoo as our honorary patron.


Anyone may submit anytime to fictioncanteen@gmail.com.

Up to 4 readers are announced before a bimonthly event via social media and our newsletter. 

Texts of prose/verse, fiction/nonfiction, up to 15 minutes, and ideally unpublished but authors may have previous or forthcoming publications.

Who we are

Lucy Jones is from Britain and has lived in Berlin since 1998. She translates German fiction and co-manages the translators’ collective Transfiction. She writes short stories, some of which have been published in Berlin’s SAND Journal and the Pigeon Pages.

Anton Lang is originally from Moscow, he grew up in London, and has a Master’s specialising in fiction from Dartmouth College, USA. His artwork includes fiction, photo, typo, graffiti. He’s a member of FK Kollektiv in Neukölln where he is curating a group show. IG @antonhavemercy and antonlang.net.

Radio interview on B:EAST Berlin (from 10′:31”):


Fiction Canteen is a member of the nflb and  Unabhängige Lesereihen

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