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Fiction Canteen is a space to risk the new: to share ideas, be inspired by others’ work, overcome writer’s block, and network with other writers. Readings are in English.

An open call for submissions is posted on Facebook and Twitter around 4 weeks in advance as well as being sent out in our newsletter (see link above).

Texts should not be published as the aim of the Fiction Canteen is for writers to get feedback from the audience and use this to develop their writing. Up to 4 outstanding works-in-progress are selected for each event. Following each reading of up to 15 minutes, the audience is invited to give constructive feedback. The audience at our events are therefore as important as the writers.

The curators and moderators are Lucy Jones and Anton Lang.






Fiction Canteen bietet die Möglichkeit Neues zu riskieren: Ideen zu teilen, sich von anderen Arbeiten inspirieren zu lassen und Schreibhemmungen zu überwinden, aber auch mit anderen Schriftsteller*innen in Kontakt zu treten. Die Lesungen finden auf Englisch statt.

Die Veranstaltungen werden im Vorfeld auf Facebook und per Newsletter annonciert (siehe Link oben). Es werden bis zu 4 herausragende, aber unveröffentlichte Texte pro Veranstaltung ausgesucht, die von den Autor*innen vorgestellt werden und über die anschließend mit dem anwesenden Publikum konstruktiv diskutiert wird.

Fiction Canteen dient als Präsentationsplattform für Autoren, die ihre unveröffentlichten literarischen ‘Works-in-progress’ einem interessierten Publikum in einer Lesung und gegenseitigem Meinungsaustausch vorstellen. Dabei ist das Publikum genauso wichtig wie die Autor*innen.

Kuratoren und Moderatoren Lucy Jones und Anton Lang führen Sie durch den Abend.




About Lucy

Lucy is from Britain and has lived in Berlin since 1998. She has a degree in German and an MA in Applied Linguistics. She did several jobs before becoming a translator, including working as a freelance fashion photographer. In 2008 she founded the translators’ collective Transfiction. She also writes book reviews (CULTurMAG, Word Without Borders) of German literature and is a freelance moderator. (photo© Nikolas Theilgaard)


About Anton

Anton is a writer and editor. Originally from Moscow, he grew up in London, and got his Master’s specialising in fiction from Dartmouth College, USA. In Berlin he performs readings of his stories, works for SAND journal, and has just completed a book of short stories that he sends out for publication. Amongst various projects he is developing one that combines his prose and photography.